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Pirate near Tang Feng Guroski picks up a high-altitude bowler
Rob Gronkowski has won four super bowls, went to five professional bowls, and cheap oakley sunglasses free shipping even wasted WWE champions. Now he has a great honor in his hands: Guinness World Record.

On Saturday, US time, on the football court of the University of Arizona, oakley sunglasses outlet online Gronoski passed the helicopter dropped from the air 200 yards (about 183 meters). This let him write his name to the Guinness World Record.

Gronoski worn at the No. 48 jersey at the university, after the failure, the third time was finally successful. He was excited to celebrate with a sign of a sign, and then he was soon flocked to the celebration of the people.

After celebrating, Gronoski said to the University of Arizona: "Every time you stand on the court, you must try to raise the standard to the new level. I just increased one level!"